FLEX VIRTUOSO C all-in-one small format 4 in 1 plate maker

FLEX VIRTUOSO C four-in-one plate maker is designed for small format flexo plate. It is integrated with exposure / washout / drying / light finishing functions that applies to precise plate making on various brands of flexo plates. Floor-type and compact structure design makes operation easy. Stainless steel body makes durable service.
‧Fine and quick vacuum design with pressure gauge makes high repeatable of printing dot.
‧Adopted high power lamp and with 85% up exposure in average.
‧Precise light accumulation control system.
‧Washing tank featured quick plate loading and bi-directional brushing design and with continuous water supply.
‧External detergent circulation filtering device equipped model is suitable for CTP plates that are covered with black layer.
‧UV-C lamp support light finishing; detack and enhances plate stability, achieved for long run printing.

Model FV-A2-C FV-A2-CR
Application Flexography plate CTP flexo plate
Water washable plate
CTP water washable plate
Effective Area 420*590
Exposure UV-A /  600*40w*14pcs
Light-finish UV-C /  600*40w*14pcs
Bath volume  50 L
External circulation and filtering NO YES     (50L)
Detergent temperature  Room temperature ~65℃
Drying Case 2-layer shelf 
Voltage Used 220VAC 50/ 60HZ 1PH+GND 
Power(kw) 4.4
Dimension (mm)  920*740*1150
Weight (KG) 120