FLEX MAESTRO DLF VLF Light finishing drying machine.

large format flexo plate maker is integrated with light finishing and drying functions that applies to precise plate making on various brands of flexo plates. Drawer-type and compact structure design makes operation easy.
‧Integrated design with FLEX MAESTRO P and FM-ETL model.
‧UV-A+UV-C, dual lamp types structure capable to runpost exposure and light finishing at once.
‧Exposure time is adjustable.
‧Drying section is with heat energy circulation system and multi-layer insulation design. Plate surface can be dried quickly.
‧UV lamp faulty sensor makes operation and maintenance of the machine easy.

Model FM-1320-DLF FM-1100-DLF
Effective Area(mm) 1320×2100  1100×1600 
Light-finish UV-A/ 1500*80W*22pcs UV-A/ 1800*100W*10pcs
UV-C/ 1500*80W*22pcs UV-C/ 1800*100W*10pcs
Drying Case 3-layer Drawer
Voltage Used AC220V 50/60HZ 1PH+GND 
Power Spec.(kw) 5
Dimension(mm) 2300×1700×720 2100×1600×720
Weight(KG) 400 320