FLEX MAESTRO EDLF Flexo plate maker ( 3 in 1 )

FLEX MAESTRO EDLF ( 3 IN 1) large format flexo plate maker is integrated with exposure / light finishing and drying functions that applies to precise plate making on various brands of flexo plates. Drawer-type and compact structure design makes operation easy.
‧Integrated design with FLEX MAESTRO P model.
‧Fine and quick vacuum design with pressure gauge makes high repeatable of printing dot.
‧Adopted high power lamp and with 85% up exposure in average.
‧Precise light accumulation control system can supports 95% up stability when doing continuous operation.
‧UV-A+UV-C, dual lamp types structure capable to run post exposure and light finishing at once. It detacks and enhances plate stability, achieve for long run printing.
‧Human-machine Interface; UV lamp faulty sensor makes operation and maintenance easy.

Model FM-900-EDLF FM- 660-EDLF FM- 460-EDLF
Effective Area(mm) 900 × 1300 660 × 920 460 × 660
Exposure UV-A/1500*80W*20pcs UV-A/1200*60W*20pcs UV-A/600*40W*16pcs
Light-finish UV-A/1500*80W*10pcs UV-A/1200*60W*10pcs UV-A/600*40W*10pcs
UV-C/1500*80W*10pcs UV-C/1200*60W*10pcs UV-C/600*40W*10pcs
Drying Case 3-layer Drawer
Voltage Used AC 220V 50/60 Hz 1PH+GND 
Power Spec.(Kw) 6 6 5.5
Dimension(mm) 1800*1500*920 1600*1200*920 1100*1100*790
Weight(kg) 350 280 195