FLEX MAESTRO P Automatic In-Line type processor

FLEX MAESTRO P adopted of In-Line work flow design which integrated with washout; cleaning and preheat functions and supports continuous operation especially applied for mass plate making. Unique dual-sections washout design can meet precise screen dot imaging demand. Specifically design for high-end and CTP plate making. Stainless steel body makes durable service; suitable for various plate washout liquid like solvent; water and alcohol.
‧In-Line continuous plate washout could shorten 50% up plate making time compare to traditional machine.
‧Intelligent brushing depth controlling system.
‧Dual-sections washout design supports precise screen dot imaging; fresh solvent washing process no need for additional plate surface wiping.
‧Intelligent solvent particle content analyzing and replenish solvent automatically.
‧Circulation filtering plate washout solvent reduces fresh solvent usage.
‧Human-machine interface makes operation easier.
‧Stainless steel body prevents corrosion.
‧Hot air circulation heat-up system and long distance water absorbing platform design to pre-dry plate enough to make touch-free possible.
‧Automatic loading start-halt controlling reduces power consumption.

MODEL FM-1320-P FM-1100-P FM-900-P FM-660-P FM-460-P
Max. Width(mm) 1320 1100 900 660 460
Max. Thickness(mm) 7
Bath volume 55L
Detergent temperature  Room temperature ~38℃
circulation and filtering Included
Voltage Used AC 220V 50/60 Hz 1PH+GND 
Power Spec.(Kw) 5 5 5 5 4.5
Dimension(mm) 4800×1950×1320 4200×1750×1320 3800 × 1560 × 1320 3500*1340*1320 2750*920*1320
Weight (KG) 800 680 400 320 250